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Shutting down...

With regrets, I announce that on December 18, which is my next birthday, I will be shutting down this blog.  However, I will in the meanwhile try to move some of the content (and try to preserve dates and times too) that I have posted here to my new blogging home on tumblr... kransome83.tumblr.com.  For those who come here from Twitter, my new blog will soon be linked to my Twitter profile.  I enjoyed my brief stay here at LiveJournal, but I've found tumblr to be a better blogging platform for me and has more features to suit my style of blogging...including an awesome iPhone app to make blogging there easy.

With love...Dios los bendiga...


Today's event to challenge Governor Nikki Haley's 6pm curfew was successful, and Haley has chosen to back down, not crack down.  I hate that I couldn't be there physically but was definitely there in spirit and watched Occupy Columbia's 7pm GA on their livestream.  See this WIS online article for more details.
Over the weekend, two events have sprang up on Facebook as responses to Governor Nikki Haley's eviction of Occupy Columbia from the State House grounds.

"Citizens united to challenge Gov. Haley's orders," the first of the two events, will be held tomorrow 6-7pm at the State House.  This is being held at the suggestion of SC Progressive Network.  See their blog post on this for more details.  Here is the event's Facebook page.

"SILENT NIGHT- at Governor Haley's Carolighting Ceremony (solidarity #OC)," the second event, will be held on November 28 in the same location.  This is to coincide with the Carolighting Ceremony.  See the event's page on Facebook for more details.

My attendance at both events is conditional on chance that a carpool can be organized in or near Florence, especially for tomorrow's event.

Until next entry... Dios los bendiga...

Writer's Block: American Censorship Day!

Today, Congress holds hearings on the first American Internet censorship system. This bill can pass. If it does the Internet and free speech will never be the same. [Learn more here.] Do you support this bill?

Occupy Columbia Evicted; Arrests Made

At 4pm, Gov. Nikki Haley whined about how it cost $17k for Occupy Columbia and potentially cost up to $70k if it stayed till February.  Hello Governor! what about the $127k trip you took to Paris??? My tax dollars paid for that, and yes I'm outraged over all this... you'd rather whine about a little bit change going toward public safety of those who want to exercise their first amendment rights yet make expensive trips... so let me whine about your $127k trip to Paris on my tax dollars...


So she gave a 6pm deadline, which has come and gone now, for Occupy Columbia to clear the Statehouse grounds.  From what I gather on Occupy Columbia's Facebook page 23 people have been arrested.  This is a red state I live in, so I'm not surprised... BUT I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner than later considering how conservative this state is...

Progressively yours,

UPDATE: Apparently, State Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler's letter to the governor (PDF link, need Adobe reader) helped to prompt the eviction. (21:22)